Concave Hull

I actually fully completed a side project for a change. Concave is a program that computes the concave hull of a set of points. Points such as from a Lidar survey.

The program, performance and algorithm is fully described in the article I published about it.

Stand out obvious to me, was that taking on this project was a prime example of the Pareto principle, aka 80/20 principle where:

  • Only 20% of the time and work was taken to get a functional and working program that fully satisfied my curiosity. I could have left it at that, and I normally do.
  • The remaining 80% of the time was refining, profiling, measuring benchmarks, finishing touches, preparing an article, and everything that makes it more than just a hobby program.

This was a very satisfying project for me for various reasons. It interests me; It potentially has uses in my day job; It’s a good demo of my C++ and STL programming skills. Adds to the portfolio of my career.

The code is on my github.

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